Halloween this year falls on Wednesday.  Traditionally, we hold our annual Coastal Halloween Costume Contest on Halloween or the class session just before.  Given Wednesday is only a lab day (with only half of you in attendance), we will hold our annual costume contest at the start of class on Friday, October 26.  Everyone is welcome to participate.  Please show up to class on the 26 IN YOUR COSTUME.  The first few minutes will be dedicated to seeing your costume and voting for the winners.

Coastal Costumes, Fall 2015

Your costume must have something related to Coastal and Marine systems or their management.
The only rules:
  1. It has to be a “real” costume.  In other words you can’t simply show up and say “I’m dressed as a CSUCI student” or “I am an ESRM Coastal Opinion Poll Surveyor.”
  2. It has to something to do with a Coastal or Marine issues/themes/events.
  3. The more creative, the better.
Winning Categories:
  1. Best Representation of a Coastal or Marine Management Theme
  2. Most Creative/Overall/Funny/Epic Costume
While participation is not mandatory, the winners will received extra credit points (your choice of an extra 10 points on any quiz, 5 extra points on any take-home exam).  We will of course mock you for not participating, but again it is your choice.
Here is some inspiration from recent contests to get your ideas flowing:





See our static page on our contest for more info.

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