Many of our course lectures and activities will be recorded.  The goal here is not to encourage you to skip out on an activity.  Rather, these recordings should be viewed as a study aid and an opportunity to review and master the subject matter we cover in class at a speed most conducive to your learning style.  When possible I will post my lecture screencasts in both our iTunesU and YouTube repositories.  While viewing these recordings on YouTube is likely the most convenient for you, I urge you to consider downloading the iTunesU version as that option will give you maximum control on the playback (no buffering, playable offline, etc.).

iTunesU Coastal page

The most recent uploads to our Coastal iTunesU repository are at the bottom of the list of postings (“episodes” in iTunesU speak).


You can link directly to our Coastal playlist on YouTube, or click the embedded videos below.  Please note that the most recent videos are at the bottom of this page scroll.


Fall 2015 Screencast Page




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