Readings & Viewings

Week 01 Readings


Barboza 2010 Beach Testing

Barnes et al. 2009 Pacific Garbage Patch

Brand 1977 Submersibles

Carlson 2017 SRI Excavations or VCStar Link

Dowling N.D. Scotch Cap Light Station

Hall 2017 Beirut Beaches or PRI Link or audio here:

Halper & Boxall 2017 Trump Monument Reductions or LA Times Link

Kushner 2009 Drug Smuggling Subs

Mills 2017 Christie Beach Closure or

New Bedford Museum 2007 Bowhead Harpoon

US Census 2012 Coastal Population in 2010 (Table 25 & 26)

Orozco 2017 Goleta Beach Erosion or KCLU Link

Pham 2009 Pirate Economy

Reyes & Weikel 2008 San Onofre Toll Road

Turner et al. 2007 Coral Dependence

Coastal Populations

Ache et al. 2013 Coastal Populations are Complicated

Kummu et al. 2016 Coastal Population Patterns

Neumann et al. 2015 Future Coastal Population

NOAA 2013 Coastal Population Report

NOAA 2017 Coastal County Definitions

United Nations N.D. Populations in Coastal Areas

Wilson & Fischetti 2010 US Census Coastal Pops to 2008

Hurricane Katrina

Allen 2010 New Orleans May Still Be Vulnerable NPR Link or audio here:

Associated Press 2012 Hurricane Isaac Renews Old Levee Debate

Bustillo 2005 Katrina & Global Warming

Kirkham 2010 St. Bernard Parish faces challenge

Last Chance Series (formerly Times-Picayune) Link

Lehy 2005 Wetland Storm Protection

Loney 2005 Katrina Env Issues Unimagineable

Mutter 2010 Katrina & Poor Op-Ed

Servick 2018 Hurricane Katrina Survivors

Week 02 Readings

Marine Ecology

Ray 1991 Coastal Diversity

Ocean Economy

Anderson 2012 CSUCI Public Opinion Poll

Halpern et al. 2012 Ocean Health Index

Kildow & Colgan 2005 California Ocean Economy

Ocean Economy-Optional

NOEP 2016 State of U.S. Ocean Economy

King et al. 2003 California Beach Economies

Week 03 Readings

Coastal Development & Economies

Cooper & McKenna 2009 Macroeconomics & Coastal Development

UNU-IHDP 2015 Coastal Urbanization

Coastal Development Impacts

Halpern et al. 2014 West Coast Health

Coastal History

Erlandson & Braje 2011 Pacific Coast Migration

Grenda & Altschul 1994 Ballona Settlement

Rodger 2017 Sea In History (Chap 2)

Coastal History-Optional

Rodger 2017 Sea In History (full)

Terrell 2007 US Maritime History

Week 04 Readings

Intro to Marine Science

Agardy 2007 Intro to Marine Conservation

Parsons & Seki 1995 Historic Oceanography

Pinet 2016 Intro to Oceanography

Intro to Marine Science-Optional

Leet, et al. 2001 California’s Living Marine Resources: A Status Report

SCCWRP 2017 Bight13 Executive Summary

Marine Ecology Examples

Anderson & Rice 2006 History of Deep Sea Thinking

Benoit-Bird & Au 2006 Horizontal Migrations

Miller & Sydeman 2004 Fish Response to Climate Change

Marine Ecology Examples-Optional

Larkin 1996 Concepts in Marine Management

Week 06 Readings & Vids

Coastal Water Quality

Setty, et al. 2012 SoCal Bight Water Quality

Stein & Cadien 2009 Longterm SoCal Ecosystem Response

Wade, et al. 2012 Fecal Indicators

Surfer Health-Optional

Dwight 2004 Surfer Health Study

Marine Ecology Vids (part 1)

these links take you to CILearn sign-in (use the most recent version of Chrome to view videos)


               BLUE PLANET: SEAS OF LIFE (Ep 2): THE DEEP                    

               BLUE PLANET: SEAS OF LIFE (Ep 3): OPEN OCEAN             


Week 07 Readings & Vids

Marine Ecology Vids (part 2)

these links take you to CILearn sign-in (use the most recent version of Chrome to view videos)

               BLUE PLANET: SEAS OF LIFE (Ep 5): SEASONAL SEAS             

               BLUE PLANET: SEAS OF LIFE (Ep 6): CORAL SEAS             

               BLUE PLANET: SEAS OF LIFE (Ep 7): TIDAL SEAS             

               BLUE PLANET: SEAS OF LIFE (Ep 8): COASTS             

               BLUE PLANET: SEAS OF LIFE (Ep 9): DEEP TROUBLE             

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