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Coastal Costume Contest

Halloween this year falls on Wednesday. ¬†Traditionally, we hold our annual Coastal Halloween Costume Contest on Halloween or the class session just before. ¬†Given Wednesday is only a lab day (with only half of you in attendance), we will hold our annual costume contest at the start of class on Friday, October 26. ¬†Everyone is…

test post

where does this go?

JuxtaposeJS Trial

Here is a great new tool to compare things at two points in time. Lake Shasta Zuma Beach  

Public Opinion

Table Insert 1

This is an example of a table. Do you get it? Hmmmm….how interesting.

Test Footnote #2

So next the Deepwater Oil spill 2)Technically we are talking about an oil blowout, not a spell per se. References   [ + ] 1, 2. ↑ Technically we are talking about an oil blowout, not a spell per se.

Footnote test

This ias asidadia dia ds 2)ref 3 and then he said “no way” So I was oeeved…. References   [ + ] 1, 2. ↑ ref 3

Contact Form Test

Here is a test of my contact form. [contact_form] Blah Blah doobody doo

ItunesU test

I want to describe my posts and so I tried this. I am curious if it worked. Did it?

Social Media floating test

this is a test of floating tool bar and of the iTunes U posting