Coastal Costume Contest

Halloween this year falls on Wednesday.  Traditionally, we hold our annual Coastal Halloween Costume Contest on Halloween or the class session just before.  Given Wednesday is only a lab day (with only half of you in attendance), we will hold our annual costume contest at the start of class on Friday, October 26.  Everyone is…

test post

where does this go?

JuxtaposeJS Trial

Here is a great new tool to compare things at two points in time. Lake Shasta Zuma Beach  

Public Opinion

Table Insert 1

This is an example of a table. Do you get it? Hmmmm….how interesting.

Test Footnote #2

So next the Deepwater Oil spill 2)Technically we are talking about an oil blowout, not a spell per se. References   [ + ] 1, 2. ↑ Technically we are talking about an oil blowout, not a spell per se.

Footnote test

This ias asidadia dia ds 2)ref 3 and then he said “no way” So I was oeeved…. References   [ + ] 1, 2. ↑ ref 3

Contact Form Test

Here is a test of my contact form. [contact_form] Blah Blah doobody doo

ItunesU test

I want to describe my posts and so I tried this. I am curious if it worked. Did it?

Social Media floating test

this is a test of floating tool bar and of the iTunes U posting